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On Friday, October 16th, I spoke at Restoring The Likeness – Fall Virtual Conference.

My talk was scheduled on the topic: On the Idea of Civic Friendship: Texts to Contemplate During Difficult Times.

Other speakers were:

  • Andrew Kern
  • Dr. Brian Philips
  • Heidi White
  • Wes Callahan
  • Adam Andrews 
  • Dr. Joseph Wysocki
  • Matthew Bianco
  • Dr. Zena Hitz 
  • James Matthew Wilson 
  • Andrea Lipinski
  • Jessica Hooten Wilson 
  • Dr. Carol Reynolds
  • Christine Perrin
  • Joshua Gibbs
  • Dr. Anika Prather 
  • John Hodges
  • Josh Leland
  • Martin Cothran 
  • Katerina Kern
  • Dr. Hans Boersm

The recording of the conference can be found at the link below.

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